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Friday, February 24, 2012

Music and Mathematics: From Pythagoras to Fractals - Review

     "Music and Mathematics: From Pythagoras to Fractals," takes you on a journey to learn the intimate relationship of music and mathematics. For music evolved from the extraordinary discoveries designed by mathematicians. For example, the modern scale with the interval, whole-whole-half-whole-whole-whole-half, was invented by Pythagoras who heard hammers in proportional sizes striking in a tones that compose the scale that Americans familiar with today. 
     You might have noticed that most musicians are mathematically inclined, for it takes a strong understanding of math in order to comprehend the concept of music theory. Music theory is the application of patterns and formulas to sound. Music was constructed by those who conceived the intricate patterns and formulas of math. As you can see, mathematics is very vital for the life and comprehension of Music. 
    Although music has evolved and will continue to do so, the infrastructure of the beautiful tones will still be as important as it is now, which is math. After reading this book, I have come to appreciate math a little more, seeing that it helps fuel the life I pursue, which is a life of joyfulness, success, God, and music.

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